Peace of mind Mattress Insurance

Q) Why should I choose peace of mind mattress insurance?
A) Simple. You can relax in the knowledge that if you don't like your mattress you can swap it for a new one.
     Only available at!

Q) What does the mattress insurance cover?
A) Collection of your original mattress and the supply and delivery of same size replacement mattress.

Q) Can I choose any mattress from the website?
A) Yes you can but you will be charged the difference if you choose a more expensive mattress.

Q) What do I need to do?
A) Add the mattress insurance to your basket at the same time as ordering your mattress
    (You can find it on the left hand panel under the mattress section)

Q) What's the catch?
A) There is no catch but there are a few terms & conditions you must abide by.

  1. You can only swap your mattress once
  2. The returned mattress must not be soiled in any way
  3. You must keep your original mattress for a minimum of 10 days and inform us if you want to swap it within 30 days
  4. You must package the mattress correctly* ready for collection

Peace of mind mattress insurance is available on all mattresses on the website.

Don't forget to add it to your basket before checkout.

You can find it on the left hand panel under the mattress section.

*Correct packaging. You must use a minimum of two layers of strong plastic as products soiled during delivery will not qualify for a swap