The Flexcell Active Outlast cover
  • Originally developed for NASA, Outlast® technology is the original temperature-regulating technology.
  • Outlast® materials balance your temperature through the use of patented microencapsulated ThermoculesTM that absorb and store excess heat, releasing it when you need it most.
  • Keep Cool or Stay Warm all year round performance
  • The stretch fabric contours and adapts to the sleeper 
  • Three sided zip for easy removal
  • Machine washable at 40º 



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The Outlast® Adaptive Comfort cover is the most advanced mattress cover on the market and elevates the Flexcell mattress to a truly premium product.

Outlast® is unique in that it uses active phase change technology, unlike other brands that are only promoting temperature regulating through moisture management.

Be sure to buy a genuine Flexcell mattress to guarantee to receive a genuine Outlast® cover.

Outlast® is currently available on the following products:
Flexcell 700, 1000 and Evolution 20 and 25. 


Frequently asked questions:

What is Outlast?

Outlast® technology is the original temperature-regulating technology. Outlast® fabrics, fibers and coatings are ingredients found in everyday products and high performance gear such as bedding, footwear, apparel, outerwear and accessories.

How does it work?
Outlast® materials balance your temperature through the use of patented microencapsulated ThermoculesTM that absorb and store excess heat, releasing it when you need it most.

Will Outlast make me warmer?
Outlast® materials continuously adapt to your changing thermal needs. In effect, Outlast® materials balance your temperature by reducing overheating and therefore perspiration, resulting in less chill and more comfort.

What is the lifespan of Outlast in a product?
When Outlast® technology is part of an acrylic or viscose fiber, it is a permanent part through the life of the garment. Our coated products are developed for excellent durability both through home laundry and dry cleaning.

What are the washing / dry cleaning instructions for Outlast?
Care instructions for Outlast® fabrics are based on manufacturer recommendations and are specified on the label.

How is Outlast incorporated into products?
Outlast® temperature regulating technology can be incorporated into textiles by a number of methods. In addition to viscose and acrylic in-fiber technology, in which the Outlast® Thermocules® are spun directly into yarns and fabrics, Outlast® can be coated directly onto fabrics using a padding treatment or knife-over-roll or applied to finished garment via infusion and spray technology.

Where is Outlast located in a product?
All Outlast® fabrics, coatings and fibers are most effective when they are designed to be used as liner or interliner materials oriented so that they are more interactive with the human body, or the microclimate next to the human body, rather than with the outside environment.

How do I know Outlast is in the product I'm buying?
All products containing Outlast® technology are tested and certified for energy capacitance to ensure that the benefits of the technology are passed on to the consumer. Look for the Outlast® logo on hangtags and in labels of some of your favorite products. ALWAYS BUY FROM A MANUFACTURER OR OFFICIAL RESELLER

How is Outlast different from other temperature-regulating technologies?
Outlast Technologies, Inc. holds the patent for the original temperature-regulating technology and ingredients for fibers, fabrics and coatings.
Many products in the marketplace claim to have temperature-regulating properties, but in essence they are really promoting regulating temperature through moisture management, not active phase change technology.

Were you really in space?
Yes. Outlast® technology was originally developed for NASA for use in gloves and other apparel applications such as pants and socks to buffer and moderate the temperature found in space and very high altitude. In 2005, Outlast® technology was inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame for successfully transforming technology originally developed for space exploration into products that help improve the quality of life here on Earth.

Where can I get Outlast?
Products that take advantage of the thermal regulating properties of Outlast® materials are offered by our world class licensed partners, such as

Where is Outlast Technologies, Inc. located?
The company headquarters are in Boulder, Colorado/USA, with operations in Europe and Asia