Firmness rating information

There are three factors that determine the firmness of a foam mattress:

  • The density of the different types of foam used
    Measured in kg/m3 and indicates the amount of foam per cubic metre
  • The type and combination of foam used in the mattress core
    Foam is manufactured to various levels of hardness
    Varying depths of HD or visco elastic memory create the mattress core
    Support foam can be solid block or can have grooves cut in the foam
  • The type of mattress cover 
    Quilted or non stretch covers increase the firmness of the mattress
    Stretch covers flex with the mattress and are therefore softer

A mattress that is too soft will not support you correctly and a mattress that is too firm will not allow your hips and shoulders to sink into the mattress. This is essential to maintain the correct posture whilst you sleep to avoid unnecessary pressure on the vertebrae and soft tissue of the spine and lower back.

All Flexcell mattresses provide good support and comfort as we only use high quality British foam  


Each mattress range has a firmness rating > rating_p1_274

Each individual model has it's own specific firmness rating depending on the type and density of foam and the mattress cover you select.

The list below indicates the specific firmness rating for each model.

   rating_34_274 Flexcell 500 Coolmax




Flexcell 500 Luxury Quilted
Flexcell 700 Sport Coolmax
Flexcell 700 Active Outlast


Flexcell 700 Luxury Quilted
Flexcell 1000 Sport Coolmax
Flexcell 1000 Active Outlast
Flexcell Evolution 25




Flexcell 1000 Luxury Quilted
Flexcell 1200 Sport Coolmax
Flexcell Evolution 20




Flexcell 1200 Luxury Quilted