Flexcell topper

The Flexcell memory foam mattress topper's are the most versatile toppers on the market and are available in 4cm or a full 6cm option.

Like all Flexcell products the foam core is manufactured using only premium grade foam from Vitafoam, the UK's largest producer of block foam.


Flexcell topper's are manufactured by Breasley Consumer Products Ltd. Breasley are the largest independent foam converter in the UK boasting a history stretching back over 30 years


Uncomfortable or overly firm mattresses can cause discomfort and sleepless night's. Firm spring mattresses or heavily quilted mattresses with uncomfortable buttons are the most common problem. If you prefer not to replace your mattress then a topper is the next best option.

Flexcell memory foam toppers solve the problem of a firm or uncomfortable mattress. The 55kg/m3 visco elastic memory foam moulds and contours to the sleeper's individual bodyshape distributing the bodyweight evenly. This even distribution of weight eliminates pressure points resulting in a much more comfortable and relaxed sleeping experience. 


The castellated (egg box) side is the more popular choice and is one of the reasons the Flexcell memory foam topper has been so successful.

The castellation's increase airflow through the bed and around the body and provide a slightly softer feel.


When used with the smooth side upper most you achieve a slightly firmer feel.

Without the increased airflow, some people choose to use this side during the colder months as it feels a little warmer.

The addition of a Flexcell memory foam topper can help to retain the body's correct posture and reduces unnecessary pressure points leading to a much better nights sleep.

To complete the topper is a removable and washable Coolmax cover to provide further comfort.