The Flexcell Sport Coolmax cover:
  • Coolmax removes moisture away from the body allowing greater evaporation resulting in a cooling effect
  • Coolmax controls humidity and dries quicker keeping the user fresher whilst asleep
  • Available in the Original stretch knit fabric which can be machine washed at 40º and now...
  • NEW to Flexcell the luxurious DEEP quilted option
  • Three sided zip for easy removal

The Coolmax cover keeps you cooler which results in a deeper, more refreshing and less interrupted sleep.

The Coolmax cover was an immediate success when it was introduced to the Flexcell range and is now the most popular choice due to its performance and value.

It is currently available on the following products:
Flexcell 500, 700, 1000 and 1200 plus selected pillows.


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